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Becoming a Supporter of SSSART

Without the people who support us,

SSSART would not be able to continue

to operate. Our supporters are



We are looking for individuals and

businesses who would like to become members of our supporters' group - 'Supporters of SSSART' (SOS).

What's involved?

As a supporter of SSSART you would support the team in whichever way(s) you are able. Tasks that the 'Supporters of SSSART' group might help with include:

  • Coordinating/ arranging fundraising events

  • Attending fundraising events 

  • Sourcing and/or providing supplies for fundraising events (e.g. refreshments or stock, for example some keen knitters have provided knitted goods to use to raise funds.)

  • Sourcing and/or providing supplies for the team, e.g. base supplies (e.g. loo roll, drinking water, cleaning supplies, tea and coffee, energy snacks for the team for prolonged call-outs)

  • Promotion - e.g. Promoting fundraising events; raising awareness of the team generally (e.g. sharing team posts on social media)

  • Support from businesses - e.g. sponsorship or discounts on products or services.

  • Helping with work at our base, e.g. maintenance; janitorial work.

How to be an official 'Supporter of SSSART'

Signing up is straightforward - simply click here to fill in the joining form. 

Other ways to Support SSSART

There are many other ways you can support the work that the team does. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Make a one-off donation

  • Make a regular donation

  • Attend fundraising events - look out for info about upcoming events on our social media pages, we'd love to see you!

  • Promote the team's work and fundraising events - e.g. sharing our posts on social media

  • Donations of supplies, e.g. drinking water, snacks for prolonged call-outs, base cleaning supplies, stock for fundraising, etc.

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